About Us

The Birth of LGR

Everyone has experienced that moment in life where they feel lost in dealing with a difficult or trying situation--whether it be external, personal, or even spiritual--and we are left questioning ourselves and our purpose. In these moments it is easy to let the negative words or actions of others impact the way we feel about ourselves--those moments that distinguish our drive to truly experience who we are and fulfill the beautiful life we are so blessed to experience. In these moments it is so important that we pull back and look to love and kindness as a foundation of our true being, bringing us back to being the person and living the lifestyle we aspire to attain.

LGR was born from heart, spirit, and soul. Its' definitive purpose is to shift the focus of our mentalities from being overwhelmed and negatively impacted with our personal, emotional, and spiritual strife's and struggles, to shine a positive light in the direction of loving oneself and connecting deeply with others. LGR is a reminder of the beauty of life. It is a reminder of how mindset and community can be so beneficial for those that are feeling lost or that they are not living their full purpose. The LGR community is a daily reminder to embody and live by principles to guide us back to love and light. By being ourselves and loving others along our individual journey is the best way to live a life of love that embodies LGR lifestyle. 

the heart

The heart is one of the most universally recognizable symbols in the world-- it knows no race, religion, or creed--and serves as the greatest representation of our love and our humanity as people of this world. LGR personifies universal love, kindness, happiness, and selflessness and the heart is ubiquitously understood as the biological and material representation of where these values lie within our spirit, so it perfectly represents the ideals of LGR. A simple check at its' core serves as a reminder that despite our busy lives, it is paramount we include the LGR values and ideals as part of our daily to-do's--and it can be as simple as one more check to ensure we are reminded to love each other and ourselves.  

At its' core the LGR brand represents the connection we have to our inner voice and spirit--loving what we love and doing what is right for us--living by listening--respecting thyself, which in return, reflects in others...simply put, LGR is a brand for those that wish to fully awaken their spirit and love the vessel they were born into.

About the ceo

Growing up in Southern California where the sunlight is always beaming and rain is as mythical as bigfoot--CEO, lover, and dreamer, Kelly Boegel, although rambunctious, creative, and hopeful amongst her peers found herself embedded in the same emotional trials and tribulations that everyone experiences in finding oneself amongst the struggle of understanding the inner workings of where we fit in such a complicated world. But through her experiences Kelly found her purpose, knowing that she could be a voice and serve as a reminder that we are not alone. We can seek and find connection. We can seek and find love. And we can wake up each day with determination to serve ourselves and others through living Love Gone Right.